The Litigation department at Hadad Roth, Shenhar & Co. is considered the spearhead of the management of complex litigation procedures, and is considered one of the elite litigation departments among the legal firms in Israel.
The firm’s team provides proven experience and expertise in the representation of large and complex litigation cases, in all courts and types of judicial entities. The litigation cases handled by the firm include all areas of the law, including corporate, criminal and white-collar, real estate, planning and construction, administrative, antitrust, tax, labor, military and more.
The firm’s clients include leading figures, bodies and public figures from the political and business arena in Israel and abroad.
The firm’s team and leaders are renowned for their legal expertise, hand-in-hand with an uncompromising strive to attain the truth and achieve precedential legal decisions. The firm’s cases are characterized by a high media profile, and are managed within a concerted legal, communication and business strategy that is tailored to each client. In addition, the synergy between the firm’s various departments enables the finding of creative and unique solutions from the various disciplines on offer.
Heading the department, Adv. Amit Haddad is deeply involved in every case and procedure. The department’s attorneys provide extensive knowledge and experience gained from their work in the leading litigation firms in Israel. The team is highly experienced in holding negotiations with a wide range of organizations, and accompanies the clients from the pre-legal stages throughout the legal process and up to its culmination.

Administrative law is the body of law that governs the activities of administrative agencies of government. It is considered part of public law and deals with the decision-making of the administrative units of government.
The department specializes in consulting and legal accompaniment of major clients and organizations, with all matters concerning disputes with the various government offices, including the Ministry of the Interior, the Infrastructure Ministry, local government entities and more.
The firm believes and strives to be the connecting link between the public and the governing bodies, with the goal of retaining proper and transparent comportment on behalf of the country’s various bodies, and protection from the legal defects that may arise in the administrative field.
The department’s team provides extensive experience managing administrative procedures, including representation before the various governmental bodies, submittal of authorization and license requests required by law, representation in administrative court appeals, as in appeals committees. The firm also represented clients in the Supreme Court in its role as High Court.

The legal team at the White Collar Crime department at Hadad Roth, Shenhar & Co. are among the senior and leading attorneys in their field in Israel. They provide professional know-how and significant experience in client representations in complex public procedures, in cases that are of current public concern in Israel.
The firm successfully accompanies numerous and various clients, from businessmen, managers of the leading corporations in the market, to senior and public figures, including prime ministers, ministers and parliament members. The firm advises clients in a myriad of fields, including money laundering, securities, tax crimes and antitrust issues.
The department accompanies its clients in all stages of the criminal procedure, from the investigation through the hearing and the actual criminal proceedings. It is renowned for its professional, sensitive and wise attitude in all courts, including the Supreme Court, as well as within the framework of state commissions of inquiry.
The firm is credited for many achievements and successes, largely due to the personal and professional services provided to each client, while discreetly remaining respectful of the client’s privacy.

The Real Estate department at Hadad Roth, Shenhar & Co. Law Office is comprised of a highly-experienced legal team, renowned in the Israeli legal sector. Its stellar reputation has grown yearly thanks for its management of both complex real estate transactions, and comprehensive projects, both local and abroad.
The department provides encompassing and holistic legal advice with regards to a variety of real estate transactions. These include the representation and accompaniment of contractors; the management and establishment of purchasing groups; clearing and construction processes; NOP 38; sale and combination transactions; and real estate purchasing in a variety of building transactions, including the construction of public buildings, residential transactions, shopping centers, hotels, urban renewal and income-producing real estate, both in Israel and abroad.
With its extensive legal experience, the department team provides an in-depth business and financial understanding, together with impressive analytical and legal skills. The team’s outstanding level of service comes to bear during the accompaniment and representation of the clients, leading to the establishment of a special and personal relationship between the team and its clients, who regard the team as a full partner in their businesses.
The firm’s clients include real estate entrepreneurs and corporations, as well as companies from the local industry, government, financial institutions, government and local authorities, private clients, and Israeli and foreign investors.

Hadad Roth, Shenhar & Co. law firm includes a division of competition and antitrust law. The firm’s legal team provides services for a variety of transactions, tenders and various proceedings, as well as advice on activities relating to cartels, prohibition of unfair competition, mergers, control pyramids, and monopolies.
The department provides ongoing consulting and guidance to a wide range of clients, including leading holding companies in the Israeli economy, technology companies, multinational companies, business entities, entrepreneurs and trade unions.
The firm’s legal team represents the firm’s clients in a series of proceedings before the antitrust authority and other governmental bodies in all instances and courts relating to claims under the Restrictive Trade Practices Law. Additional services are provided with regards to cartels, including investigations and statements regarding suspicion of the existence of cartels, administrative proceedings, transaction approvals, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

Hadad Roth, Shenhar & Co. offers a unique and extensive practice in the field of Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs, one of most complex and dynamic fields in the Israeli market.
The firm is proud to accompany numerous nonprofits in their legal activities, including the nonprofits’ core activities as well as in labor law, commercial advice in all areas regarding commitments and contracts, tax issues and more.
The firm’s team provides legal support of the highest caliber, based on years of experience. The firm advises nonprofits with regards to its rights and duties, from the nonprofit establishment and registration at the Registrar of Associations, to the determination of its unique characteristics and through to its business activities and daily conduct.
In addition, the firm manages all aspect of asset purchasing and selling, handling asset rental and representing the nonprofit before the Registrar of Associations and the courts.
Following the ratification of the law for the reduction of the use of cash (2018), a highly significant law for nonprofits, the firm offers professional lectures on the ramifications of the law, with the goal of providing extensive and professional information regarding the recommended manners of conduct in various situations, in particular with regards to the new law.
Handling nonprofit law requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the relevant legislation, as well as the unique operation of nonprofits. Haddad Roth, Shenhar & Co. offers the required know-how and experience in creating the strategies and mechanisms most appropriate for each organization, tailored to the needs, goals and activities of the nonprofit, while implementing the above at the relevant authorities.

Hadad Roth, Shenhar & Co. provide a Corporate department specialized in the accompaniment of organizations – both private and public – in a wide range of transactions. Services rendered include both local and cross-border business transactions.
The department’s team provides organizations with a wide variety of legal support, and provides close accompaniment for a myriad of business transactions, in areas including energy, communications and telecom, hi-tech and technology, retail, franchising, merges, and more.
The department represents both Israeli and international corporations in their day-to-day legal concerns, which include incorporation, current business activities, mergers and acquisitions, representation in shareholder disputes, derivative claims, purchase of shares, tenders, investments, and more.
Renowned for its professional, knowledgeable and skillful attorneys, the department provides its clients with a professional, rapid and quality service, from the preliminary stages of due diligence, through to advice to the board of directors and management with all matters concerning corporate governance, to an all-encompassing service with regards to mergers and acquisitions.
The services are always provided within a specific strategy custom-tailored to every client, and which takes into consideration all business, financial and tax aspects involved.

The Legal-Commercial Practice at the Firm accompanies a variety of leading Israeli companies, international corporations and organizations from the private and public sectors from all market sectors, and provides the entire legal services required, including legal representation in the fields of finances, banking and insurance, high-tech, communication and media, real estate, heavy industry, food, hotels, and more. Preparation and negotiation of commercial and business agreement, outsourcing contracts, financing, development, production, supply agreements, development and software licensing agreements, maintenance and support services, logistic services, marketing, advertisement, sales promotion, agencies, distribution agreements, concession agreements, and more.

A firm with a multi-disciplinary approach: Alongside its ability to combine various expertise fields of commercial law with substantial knowledge and experience in other legal fields, the Firm provides significant advantage to the client on many issues, including: banking, taxes, finances, litigation, antitrust, and more, allowing the Firm clients to receive commercial legal advice at the highest level, on a wide variety of activity fields, including their legal, regulatory and business aspects. Legal advice that is integrated with additional legal fields, such as local and international taxation, litigation and consultation on legal disputes, competition and labor law, allowing our clients to close transactions with great success.

The legal-commercial practice embraces a clear international orientation: represents Israeli companies in acquisitions worldwide, including Europe, the US and the Far East, accompanies Israeli groups in their local and international businesses and foreign groups in entering activity in Israel and local commercial transactions. In addition, represents Israeli and foreign clients in international merger and acquisition transactions, investments in Israeli start-up companies, risk capital funds and private equity funds.

The Firm’s activity in the commercial field includes:

Representation in the fields of energy and infrastructures, negotiating engineering and construction agreements for power plants, representation in negotiating supply contracts for solar energy projects in Israel and abroad.

Representation of hi-tech companies in commercial transactions with Israeli and international clients.

Representation of private clients and family enterprises in investments in Israeli start-up companies, risk capital funds and private equity funds.

Additional advantages for commercial clients of Hadad, Roth, Shenhar & Co.:

The Firm operates in the field of mergers and acquisitions and leads the M&A transactions, starting at the stage of planning the transaction structure, negotiating and preparation of the agreements, obtaining the required approvals from government authorities and various judicial instances, until closing and implementation of the transaction.

The Projects and Infrastructures Practice at the Firm provides solutions and support on a variety of legal issues related to infrastructures, tenders in the infrastructure field and financing of infrastructure ventures. The legal team at the Firm in the field of infrastructures has substantial experience and expertise related to PFI, PPP and BOT transactions, as well as transactions for financing BOT ventures in the field of energy and infrastructures. The legal services are comprehensive and include broad advice on all aspects related to infrastructure ventures – including development and financing of the projects, receipt of licenses and permits as required, handling of construction and operation agreements, examination of environment and energy aspects, accompaniment of privatization transactions, accompaniment of merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions, as well as advice on procurement, regulation, taxes, competitiveness, dispute resolution, and more.

The Firm is experienced in accompanying complex transactions in the field of sales of banks, insurance companies, communication, media, energy, for purchasers and sellers in target companies in complex M&A transactions, business corporations and equity funds worldwide. The Firm provides legal and regulatory advice to banks, as well as financial institutions and investment firms. The legal advice relates to banking, capital markets, securities, management consultation and management, corporate governance, provision of credit and guarantees, as well as additional fields.

The Firm integrates expertise in the capital market and in mergers and acquisitions, in addition to expertise in the realms of financial regulation and professional collaborations, including with: CA PARIS, BOC, BS HK, UOB ASIA, Toledo Capital CH, and others.

We provide our clients with routine legal advice on a wide variety of complex banking and regulatory matters, capital markets and securities, mergers and acquisitions, financing agreements, derivatives and ISDA agreements.

The Firm represents companies, investment firms and financial institutions on a wide variety of equity and debt transactions, including public issuances and tender offers, capital raising, international issuances of rights, tenders offers, listing on foreign stock exchanges, re-purchases, private placements, tender offers, as well as mergers, acquisitions and re-organization of public companies.

The legal services in the field of mergers and acquisitions include advice on corporate structure and taxation, negotiation and preparation of the transaction documents, assistance with due diligence, advice to the board on corporate governance matters.

The Firm provides legal advice to private equity funds, risk capital funds, angels and investors, entrepreneurs, international companies, mature technology companies and hi-tech companies, regarding the variety of issues and fields pertaining to their activity.

The legal activity in the field of private investment funds focuses on the accompaniment and establishment of investment funds, both Israeli and international, in the field of partnership law, various commercial aspects and structural advice, as well as legal advice regarding investments in portfolio companies until the exit, including legal advice as to IPOs and further issuances, mergers and acquisitions, private allocations in public companies, financing aspects and leveraged buyout transactions.

The Firm represents a wide variety of investors, investment funds and risk capital funds, including buyout funds, real estate funds, investment in distressed companies, funds that focus on infrastructures, hedge funds, anchor investors, financers and private investment funds.

The services include formation of companies, preparation of incorporation documents, matters related to share capital and shareholder rights, public issuances, annual and periodic assemblies, corporate governance and compliance matters, as well as liquidation proceedings.

Hadad Roth, Shenhar & Co. provides one of the leading Private Client departments in the legal market, providing clients with an all-encompassing and discreet legal service for all their personal matters. These include drawing up of wills and pre-nuptial agreements, providing trustee tax advice, management of family businesses and inter-generational transmission of funds, and legal representation in sensitive legal disputes.
The legal team at the firm handles each client with utmost discretion and sensitivity. The team works on establishing a forward-looking legal, business and financial strategy, while simultaneously providing sensitive service with careful consideration to the client’s wants.
In terms of wills and inheritances, the firm enjoys a breadth of experience and knowledge in the drawing up of wills of all types, with special attention paid to every detail, small and large. The firm provides its clients with in-depth legal advice in this field, including submittal of requests for probate orders, drawing up of inheritor agreements, submittal of objections to inheritance orders, and all-encompassing service and accompaniment with regards to wills and inheritances.
In addition, Hadad Roth, Shenhar and Co. provide years of experience representing high-net-worth individuals and families in a variety of issues. The firm is an expert in tailoring legal solutions to each client, from estate planning targeted at preserving the inter-generational capital, to drawing up of trusts, implementation of real estate investments in Israel and overseas, management of estates and charitable bequests, representation of residents returning to Israel, and representation of litigation processes in the various courts.

Hadad Roth, Shenhar & Co. has extensive experience in the representation and the providing of comprehensive legal advice in the field of labor law in the private and public sectors.
The firm’s skilled legal team provides clients with advice and representation in the field of labor law on a variety of issues relating to labor relations, collective law, employee compensation, employment and retirement agreements, as well as the management of litigation proceedings in all instances and courts, including the Labor Court. The team furthermore provides advice in mediation and arbitration proceedings, as well as in personal and collective negotiations.
Among the firm’s clients are employers, the largest and leading entities and companies from the public and business sectors in Israel, in addition to government organizations, non-profit organizations, technology companies, industrial enterprises and international companies.

Hadad Roth, Shenhar & Co. provides representation and legal advice in the field of taxation to a wide range of clients, with emphasis on tax litigation, taxation of nonprofit organizations and real estate taxation.
The firm provides comprehensive legal advice in the field of taxation, in order to assist clients in tax planning for their ongoing activities, as well as in the development of strategies for the prevention or reduction of tax liabilities, legal representation in various instances and courts and before tax authorities. The firm furthermore provides advice with regards to proper and efficient tax management over time.
The firm’s legal team combines in-depth business understanding and expertise in the field of taxation, providing the highest level of service. The firm’s lawyers provide professional accompaniment to clients at all stages of the legal process and are highly experienced in appearing before all courts and tribunals in various and complex tax cases. These include matters with regards to capital gains tax, VAT and income tax, class actions in the field of taxation, appeals to the Supreme Court, petitions to the High Court of Justice, and negotiations with the tax authorities.
The firm provides tax advice to companies, individuals, associations and non-profit organizations with regards to handling the tax authorities in matters concerning pre-rulings, valuation procedures, real estate taxation, and more.

Since Adv. Ori Shenhar joined our firm, a large-scale practice of defamation law and media crisis handling has begun to operate. The firm is accompanying and providing legal representation regarding defamation to a variety of clients; dominant media bodies, investigation TV series, leading Israeli and international companies and private clients (prominent businessmen and well-known public figures). The department provides legal services in various matters related to this practice area, including internet defamation lawsuits, privacy lawsuits, libel and representation in legal battles to prevent abusive publications. This legal field is highly sensitive and is very important in order to maintain businesses and reputation that was built for years; therefore, it requires instant availability and expertise. Adv. Shenhar has vast experience and outstanding reputation in crisis management, from trying to prevent their growth to accompanying the crisis itself until finding both solutions- legal and media. Adv. Shenhar has over 25 years of experience in accompanying both media outlets and plaintiffs in dozens of lawsuits and judicial proceedings. Also, he is the author of the book “Laws of Defamation” (1997), regarded as the leading Israeli “textbook” in the field of defamation law.
The firm’s team, led by Adv. Shenhar, provides ongoing legal services and representation to organizations who run large scale advertising and marketing campaigns, starting from the initial steps of preparing the campaign through regulatory obstacles and complaints or lawsuits in regard. The firm accompanies variety of clients including international corporations and leading Israeli companies who deal on a daily basis with legal difficulties and complexed regulation in the field of marketing and commercial advertising. Adv. Shenhar manages to maintain its expertise in this unique legal practice, who is evolving throughout the years due to legislation changes and the growth of the advertising field to the internet and social media.

The Firm has a designated practice that handles tort cases only. The Practice team engages in representation and accompaniment in legal proceedings involving complex medical malpractice claims, and particularly cases of child deliveries in which, due to malpractice, newborns with harsh injuries are born.
In addition, the Practice handles harsh road accidents cases involving permanent disability, treatment and handling vis-à-vis the National Insurance Institute, workplace damages cases, and more.
The Practice also represents in class actions suits in the fields of health, pharma and tort.
The Firm represents hospitals, medical institutions that require legal advice and accompaniment, physicians and medical personnel, as well as lawyers, IDF officers and civilians from all sectors in Israel.
The Practice team has wide and longstanding ties with senior medical experts in Israel and abroad, for the sake of accompaniment, assistance and provision of professional opinions to its clients for in maximizing their rights in legal claims.
The Practice team is characterized by personal, professional and devoted treatment that it provides to its clients from the moment they step into the office until completion of the process to their satisfaction.

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