Adv. Tammy Avshalom

Tammy is a senior associate at Hadad Roth, Shenhar & Co., and engages in the litigation field, with emphasis on civil litigation and specialization in real estate litigation, including unique specialization in betterment levies. In cases she led, essential legal rulings were often rendered.
Tammy has great experience in management of complex and comprehensive disputes before all judicial instances, including arbitrations and mediations, and has held a certified mediator certificate since 2010.
Before joining Hadad Roth, Shenhar & Co., Tammy worked as a senior associate at S. Biran, managed and successfully led complex and comprehensive cases before the various judicial instances and represented public bodies and large private companies, such as Israel Ports, Derech Eretz, the Dor Alon fuel company, Blue Square, Azorim Company, and more.


LL.B., magna cum laude, Hebrew University


Hebrew, English
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tami avshalom
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