Adv. Israel Wolnerman

Adv. Israel Wolnerman is a partner in the Litigation Department, representing clients in high-profile white-collar cases and commercial civil litigation. With experience of over 25 years in managing complex and extensive litigation cases, focusing on matters with economic and accounting aspects, both in the field of commercial litigation (including expertise in class actions and derivative actions) and in the field of white collar.
In addition, a vast expertise in representing and responding to family and/or inheritance disputes, including in the field of family wealth management.

Among his clients in the commercial and the white-collar field: Prime Minister Netanyahu, former Minister of Finance Hirschson, Israel Perry, La Nacional and its managers, Yosef Greenfeld and Cardan.

Among his clients in the commercial and commercial litigation fields: the insurance companies Menorah, Hadar and Phoenix, the controlling shareholders in Kargel, Cardan, Xtralit, Prof. Simon Litzin.

Among his clients in the field of family/inheritance disputes and personal wealth management: the Israel Perry family, the Eisenberg family, Eyal Waldman, Amir Eyal.


LL.B. (Tel Aviv University).
LL.M. (Tel Aviv University) laude.
MBA with specialization in Finance (Reichman University) with honors.


Hebrew, English
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