Adv. Eli Perry

Adv. Perry is an associate at Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co., and engages in representation in white collar cases and commercial civil litigation, as well as routine accompaniment of commercial companies. His clients include businesspersons, officials and large commercial companies and institutions. He represents senior officials in white collar cases, and, in this respect, represents Ronel Fischer in the Ronel Fischer case. He lectures at various academic institutions on criminal procedure, evidence law and professional ethics.
Previously, he owned an independent law firm that engaged in the criminal field and civil litigation. He began his path at the public defense attorney’s office.
Serves as joint chairman of the Arrest Committee of the Israel Bar Jerusalem District, as well as chairman of the Courts Committee (General).


LL.B., Ono Academic College, summa cum laude. Served as teaching assistant at the Ono Academic College in courses on criminal procedure, evidence law, professional ethics and international law.


Hebrew, English
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